Saturday, August 4, 2018

How To Enable Facebook Monetization 2018

Now follow simple tips for facebook monetization and earn unlimited money by posting videos.

Follow Steps:

1. Login to your  facebook account. If you have any facebook page open that page or else create one new facebook page.

2. Go to facebook page click on "info and Ads" button.then you got activate or not your facebook page.

3. Then Open below "Facebook Monetization" Appeal link to appeal for facebook page Monetization .

Facebook Monetization

4. After you got Monetization Eligibility Appeal Form. Like this..
5. Now Choose Monetization eligibility type . i have choose  "Creater" type so  Select creator option.

6. The enter your facebook page or profile link in URL box, Then Upload your monetization ineligibility notification screenshot , then click on Send Button.

7. Now check it for conformation it is available on afcebook settings --> Support Inbox. or You Got a mail check your facebook added mail account.

8. This above process was done . you got mail from Monetization team .
9. If you want any more information , watch below video tutorial.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

How To Get FREE Web Hosting And Domain Name LifeTime

Now i'll tell you how to get free unlimited web hosting and free domain name. simply follow these steps finally you get hosting and domain.

one of the best web hosting site is GoogieHost , this site provide free web hosting and domain name with  1000MB Storage,unlimited Band width,2 main addresses, auto installer, etc.,

Registration Process:

1. Now Open GoogieHosting Website  , It's open hosting website, then press "Order Now" Button.

2. Now Select Domain type Best way to select "GoogieHost Subdomain" . Enter your domain name.

3. Now Enter " why you need this account" Just Type "hi .. i am creating personal website for project."

4. Then Press Check out button after Review.

5. Then Enter Your personal details , finally press " Complete Order".

6. Now You get account activation link , open your mail and check it, then press link . now your account activated , But your domain service is under review, it's take below 5 days.

7.  After Domain service activate, open " Your Active products/Service".

8. Now Check your domain working or not, then open file manager Upload your website script ..

9. Finally you Got Free Web hosting and Domain Name.
10. If you have any Doubt watch below video..

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How to Book Any Product in Flipkart Flash Sale

This Is best Trick for booking Flipkart Flash Sale booking .
Simply Install google Chrome Extenction " price Tracker " For Fast Booking .

Extenction Download Here --> " Price Tracker.
Now open this Extenction Before 3 Minutes flash Sale .

Now Open This Extenction Select Default Address And Payment Option COD (Cash On Delivery ).

Once Click your product , it's Open New Window, Refreshing every 1 sec. 
Once reach Flash Sale exact time. Automatically adding product your Cart, it;s Taking All details Like address payment. 
now Simply Enter "Captcha "  press Place Order.
Done ..

Saturday, December 23, 2017

How To Change Dress Color in Photoshop CS6

This is the simple way to change dress color using adobe Photoshop CS6.

Open Your Favorite  image
Select " Magic Want Tool " in Left Side Tools

Select  Color In image ( or Press Shift + Click for more adjustments in color selection) 

After That right click and select  " Feather " Selection option , enter feather Radius 5.

After that again press Right click select "Layer Via Copy ".

After That .. This IS final step for changing color.. Simply press " Ctrl + U " .. now open new popup window change color to your favorite color. 

Finally done.. if you have any doubt please watch below complete video.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

How To Download Thumbnail Images of any YouTube video

This Is the best Way to download any YouTube video thumbnails fast. 
Step 1: copy youtube video URL i.e..
Step 2: Open This Website --> Thumbnail Downlaoder

Step 3: After that past simple hit enter or search button
Step 4: Now Choose your Thumbnail Size  and simple Right click and Save.
                                                        Small Thumbnails (120x90)

Medium Quality (480x360)

High Quality (480x360)

High Resolution / Definition

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How To Watch YouTube Videos Without Ads

VLC is an extremely use full application for streaming,recording and watching audio and video . Now you can also use it to watch your favorite YouTube Videos without ads.

Step 1: Copy your favorite YouTube video URL. 

             like this :
Step 2: Now Click The Main menu in VLC, Now Choose Open Network Stream .

Step 3: Now Past The URL into the text box and click Play Button.

Now you can watch your favorite YouTube Videos without ads.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How To See Hidden Photos Of Someone On Facebook

Simply follow these steps to see hidden photos on anyone on Facebook

Step 1: login to facebook , go to user's  timeline whose photos you want to see.
Step 2: copy the profile link. ie.,
Step 3: now find the user numeric id

now go to or any other sites.
Step 4: now paste the profile URL to Find My FB ID ,and copy ID.
Step 5: finally now go to the address bar type like this
Note: Replace numeric_id with user id.
Step 6: just hit enter button, now showing all photos.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Low CPC Adsence 2017 List URL's To Block And Increase Earnings 100%

Hi friends are you getting low CPC earnings in google adsence . This is the best method to increase adsence CPC legally.  here is the best method to boost google adsence CPC by blocking low CPC adsence list 2017.

Find the below low paying advertisers in google adsence CPC list you can block these low paying ads in your adsence account for getting higher CPC.

How To Block Low Paying Ads In Google Adsence :
Step 1: Login in ti Adsence Account
Step 2: Click On the Allow & Block Ads button on left side of the Adsence Dashboard.
Step 3: Click On Advertisers URL's

Step 4 : Copy And Past The low CPC adsence sites in empty box. (Press Download Button Wait 5 seconds , after you get list )

Step 5 : Click Block URLs to block Low CPC URLs sites

NOTE : It may take up to 24 hours to apply all changes.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

How to Install Chrome Extensions Into Opera Browser - vidIQ for YouTube

vidIQ Vision is On of the best tool for YouTube . After quickly integrated with Google Chrome or Opera . Now YouTube Request you to sign up fora free vidIQ Account . Now we can able to access some its features. Email conformation is mandatory for accessing vidIQ .

Now login vidIQ with  YouTube Account and unlock permissions for this addon . vidIQ automatically scan all your uploaded videos and put together information with the result.

Google Chrome
Now Google chrome Have vidIQ Vision extension  . Simple open chrome extension or search google " vidIQ Vision for chrome " , now install .

Opera browser don't have vidIQ Extension , But we have simple trick to add all google chrome extensions into opera browser . Simple Follow These steps....

1. Now open opera -- Get Extensions
2. Now search for add-on  -- Download chrome extension  install this add-on .
3. Open google chrome vidIQ Vision In Opera  simple click " Add To Opera". after showing all extensions , now select vidIQ press "INSTALL" . 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

How To Download And Install Photoshop CS6 For FREE FULL VERSION

First Download Adobe PhotoShop CS6 .Rar File
Extract .Rar File 
Follow The Documnet
Click On Setup File
Enter Key