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How To Improve Windows Phone Battery Life Top 5 Ways

        We have shared different methods with you guys to improve battery life of your Android, iphone and Iphone6. How Ever, We have yet not shared top way to improve windows Phone battery Life.

        So, today I am going to share a guide with you guys which Will make you understand that " How To improve Windows Phone Battery life?" . These are the official method which we are going to share.

     There Are many people, Who love to use Windows phone Or Android phone due to its applications and features. Thus, These are many people as well, Who use to complain about the Windows OIr Android phone battery life Problem.

         Therefore, keeping that thing in mind, our team has realized that we should share a guide for our Windows or Android Phone users as well. So, friends you will be able to improve your Windows Or Android  phone battery life with the help of our tips Which are clear elaborated below.

Lower Down The Brightness

         The Brightness is the main reason which consumes much of the battery life of any Phone, So does with the Phones. You are suggested to lower down the brightness of your Phone.

      You are supposed to make the brightness moderate, as we have already mentioned on our previous article of battery saving Additionally , to lower down the brightness for your Wondows Or Android phone, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you need to tap on Start and then on App and after that tap on Settings .
  • Now from Settings, you need to tap on Brightness and from there you have to turn off Automatically Adjust and then you can lower down the brightness according to your convenience.
 Use Dark Background Theme

         This is suggested by the official site of Microsoft Windows phone. They have said that you need to use dark background theme which will be helpful to improve Windows Phone battery Life.

       Since, the dark theme causes the less consumption of battery life, whereas the bright and animated themes consumes much of the battery life of your phone.Therefore, you are suggested yo use dark background themes for your Windows phone.

Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi

          This is another common trick which we are discussing in our every battery life saving post so the same thing is for your Windows Or Android Phones. you need to turnoff WiFi and Bluetooth.

         If you are not using WiFi and Bluetooth then it is better to turn them off. Since,if they are turned on for no reason then they keep on searching for the devices that means they are consuming battery life. So. it is better to make them turned off, if you are not using these services.

Turn On Battery Saver

         This is common feature which is available on almost every phone. But, many of the people are not aware with its work. Here in Windows  Phone, it can be really beneficiary to save the battery life.

        Once you have turned on battery saver then it will disable some of the features of your Windows Phone. The feature which will be turned off after enabling Battery Daver, are listed below:

  • It will stop allowing apps running in the background.
  • It will stop the automatic update of some tiles on the home screen of your Windows phone.
  • It will stop automatic receiving ot e-mails and calender updates.
        These are the areas which will be turned of after enabling the battery saver on Your Windows Phone. So, to turn on battery saver on your Windows Phone, you need to follow the Below steps.

  • First of all, you need to tap on Start and then on App and after that tap on Settings and then Tap on Battery saver
  • Then you will see two option you can select options according to your need.

           After that, you will be able to improve Windows phone battery life. I am suer that this is a simpley Trick to apply.

Use Extra Battery Case
           This is king of product , you may use it to last  the battery of your Phone. This product is easily available in market. It will actually makes your phone a double battery phone, since, a second battery will be fitted in the case.

            You may change that extra battery case and it will make your phone last for much more longer time efficiently. This is really helpful for the users who to use phones for longer time. I am sure this will help you to improve Windows  And Android Phone Battery Life.

             Finally, If you have found this guide helpful which has taught you to improve your windows Phone battery life then do share it with  your friends who have Windows phone In order to help them out.

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