Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Burn A CD/DVD In Windows 8 Without A Software

Simply follow this Steps.

Insert CD / DVD

Next open this CD/ DVD automatically open a dialog box select  second option With a CD/DVD player Click Next.

  Just copy and past or drag and drop those video/doc/video.

Next Select CD Drive in that top of the window menu Manage tab select Finish Burning.

Next select disk Title and Recording  speed

Next select your options only player or computer and player. 

Click Next Process starting.

Once Complete Burn Automatically Disk Rejected.

Again Insert Disk check it once.

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How To Add Digital Clock In Blog Or Website

It's Very Easy to Add a Digital clock Blog or A Website. Just follow these simple steps.

Now You Can Get FREE Online Clock For Your Blog / Website in Easy Tips:

  • Now Select Gallery in that gallery select any type of clock , I'am Select Digital Clock

  • Now Select Any Digital Clock , Select "View HTML Tag"

  • Now Choose this options 
  1. Select Color
  2. Select Time Zone or City
  3. Select Time Zone
  4. Select Size 
  5. Now Copy This HTML Code 5 Or 6

Now Back to Your blogger or website Home page.  Select Layout

Now Select Any Gadget ( Which place Your Clock Displayed)

Now Choose  HTML/Java Script

Now Past Digital Clock Code this box and save.

Finally Save all Changes And Just Refresh Your blog/website .

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Skip Candy Crush Saga's Time Restrictions And Unlock More Levels Faster

This is simply way ti skip any time restrictions for Unlock any level

Just Change the date ( Forward One Day )

go to Settings --> Date and Time   just change date (i.e., 01/jan/2015 replace 02/jan/2015)

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Trace Current Location Of Running Train

Just Follow these steps:
Go To OR Rail Radar

Enter Train number, Boarding journey , Arrival date.
Automatically showing the train current position, Click full view for more information.

Current Location Highlighted with green color .Full View of Train


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Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Download Any Protected Videos On YouTube

  So you are looking to download a Protected You Tube Video?

Right way here today I will discuss a easy simple method which will let you download any of the You Tube videos you want to download , Whether it is protected Or Copyrighted!

Totally 4 Best Ways we can download you tube videos

1. Ultimate one to download you tube videos.This is a simple trick for downloading you tube videos. Just follow this simple steps.

Search for any video on you tube, play that videos,in that videos address bar just remove this "https://www." and replace this place with"ss" now enter it's open a new window select your Quality of that video 320 Or 720.


Directly Copy That link and past this  just press enter

2. Internet Download Manager.( Download any online video)

 This is some better Tip for downloading any video online.

Download and install InternetDownloadManager 

Once play any video on online automatically show this Internet Download Manager  button on the side of video select format and size of that video its automatically download .

3. Download Helper  ( it's working only Mozilla Fire Fox)

Download Helper we can download any online video, once we can play it's automatically activated on top right corner just select and save the video location.

4. Keepvid ( It's Working Only you tube videos)

Just Copy and past youtube link

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How To Recover Deleted Files On Computer


Just Click This link Download  Software

This file total size is below 11MB.

After Download Install this software simply follow this steps.

  • Press OK

  • Then Select Next And Accept the terms And Conditions.

  • Finally Confirm and Select the install Button, Now it's ready for launch.

  • Now , Select your file type Graphics,Audio, Video, Document, Email,Other , After  select the next button

  • Then Select your lost file partition like C,D, E,F, Removable Disk Or Any other partition, Then Select Scan Button.

  • Now Select deleted file location , choose lost  file just select the preview button on right side ,

  •  It's open a new box just select Recover button finally select the location to Save this recover file.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Install Windows7 SpecialFX

Collect All Software in My YouTube Channel Description

  • Install Log on Changer

  • Install Nimi Visual

  • Install Shock 4 way 3D

  • Install Switcher

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