Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Install Android Lollipop 5.1 OS On PC

 Am Showing The Way Of Android Installation On Your PC.
Now We Can Also Install Lollipop OS In PC.
 Just Select The Lollipop IOS file

We need to download Lollipop OS In Video Description

Step1: Install VMWare Work Station In Local Drive (C)

Double click Run exe file

Press Next

Accept Licence Agreement And Select Custom, next ,next 

Next Uncheck Product Updates and improve VMWare Workstation. Finally click Continue And Enter Key

Step 2: Install Android OS

Open VMWare Workstation

Select -> Create a New Virtual Machine , Select Custom

Next Select Installer disc image file (iso)

Next Select Location of Android OS storage

Then Next, Next.....

Then  Click "Open Virtual machine "  select The file Then Click "Power On virtual Machine"

Next Click Install Android -x86 to hard disk

Next Select "Create /  Modify partition"  Press enter

Next Select new option with arrow keys , press enter new partition for free space.

Select Primary Option  , Next Select Bootable  to make a partition bootable. and select Write option 
. Next type Yes press enter to confirm writing the changes 

Press enter, select Bootable enter 

Next select Write Option using Arrow keys Press enter 

Type " yes" press enter

Next Select "Quit " press enter.

Now you'll see the partition you created at top of the screen , select and install android . 

Select ext3 file system then select Yes to format the partition .

Now select Yes to install the GRUB bootloader , then select Yes to install the /system directry....

Finally select and enter Run Android -x86  then press enter.

Now Don the process, it's open like a android smart phone /tablet .
Now go through the setup process provide Google account details .skip the Wi-Fi setup screen ----Android will use the virtual machine standard Internet connection.

Now Done The Process Enjoy .



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