Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Convert 3G Phone To 4G Phone 100% Working With Proof

Simply Follow The Below Steps To Convert 3G Mobile Network To 4g Mobile Network.

Step 1. First Check Your  Mobile Network 2G,3G Or 4G. You Can Find This Under 
        Settings > More >  Mobile Networks > Preferred Network Type .

 Settings > Tethering & Networks > Mobile Network > Network Mode.

Note :  If You Don't See LTE Here You Can Proceed Step 2. If It's There Select it.

Step 2. Now Here Is A Trick Open Your Mobile Phone Dial Pad. Just Type it  *#*#4636#*#*
Now Automatically Open A Pop Up Window . Here You Can See All your Phone Info.

Step 3. Here Simply Scroll Down to Where It Showing Preferred Network Type Just Select it.

Step 4. It's Open A Drop Down List , Select The Option LTE Along With Your Old Option.

Example : Before My Network  GSM Only , So Now I Pick LTE/GSM/WCDMA Auto (Prl) To Turn on 4G.

Step 5.This Is Important Step , After That Just Turn Off And On  " TURN ON IMS REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT " Option.

Step 6. Now Your Network Reconnect And Showing 4G Icon On Top Bar.

Step 7. Now Close All Network Windows .

Step 8 . Again Check Step.1 , It's Showing 4G Recommend.

Step 9. Now Your 2G , 3G Mobile Network Converted To 4G Network  Successfully .

Step 10. For More  And Detailed Information Watch Demo Video.

Video Demo


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